CaseCraft AI automates legal research.
CaseCraft employs multiple LLM models, traditional ML, human-curated filters, and proprietary legal data to return customized results.
CaseCraft AI is based on real, timely, and comprehensive legal data.
CaseCraft AI sources its data from various open-source institutions to maintain timely, accurate, and concise data. We believe strongly in an open-sourced world where everyone can access legal information—for as low as the price of a cup of coffee.
Due Diligence
How does CaseCraft AI work?
Every CaseCraft AI query (your inputs) is compared against a subset of our database by its jurisdiction, date, judge, or other filter. CaseCraft AI is not a wrapper on top of raw legal text, but a comprehensive set of legal rules mined from real cases, compared to relevant facts, and then returned to optimize for your situation.
Build a legal memo, iterated from millions of cases selected for your jurisdiction and facts.
Conduct due diligence on every case cited, extrapolating specific facts.
Legal Database
Explore jurisdiction specific rules, precedents, and cases.
Judge Specific Search
Explore specific opinions by judges and estimate your odds of prevailing.
CaseCraft AI is also available soon as an API
Build, develop, and enhance your own proprietary in-house verticals with the CaseCraft API.
Legal Information from Real Cases
Automated Data Management
Industry-Standard Security Practices
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