Professionals in practice. Founders at heart. Friends since the beginning.
The founders of Fortuna-Insights bring together a comprehensive background of legal and technical skills. Now in the startup world, they are excited to use their expertise to streamline the legal research process and bring added value to legal firms, businesses, and individuals.
Founders since 2014.
Kimo, Kenny, and Jameson formed their first startup WildSafari Studios in 2014 with the goal of revolutionizing the soccer tournament logistics industry. Some of WildSafari Studios’s creations, such as the choose-your-way game Burn(t), are still available on the Apple App Store.
California Boys that have traveled the states.
Together Kimo, Kenny, and Jameson have traveled the United States while working on their startup, from the West Coast to New England. In 2023, Kimo and Kenny drove from Arizona to Massachusetts to root Fortuna-Insights's HQ in the Harvard and MIT Ecosystem.
Together, these life-long friends and professionals bring together vital skills.
Kimo Gandall
Kimo Gandall is a Professional Registered Parliamentarian and 2L JD at Harvard Law School. He is published in the field of AI and institutional logic, authoring papers employing ML models to predict UN voting and Supreme Court outcomes. Kimo not only brings years of domain specific professional experience, but also important academic connections.
Kenny McLaren
Kenny Mclaren is a data scientist with a Masters in Computer Science with years of ML experience at one of the largest mining firms in the US, Freeport-McMoRan. Kenny has spent years designing and implementing automated processes, with roles in cyber security, mining data analytics, and system architecture.
Jameson Axton
Jameson Axton is a software engineer with years of startup experience at one of the most successful HR firms, Paycom. Jameson has spent years designing and implementing front-end and back-end feature deployment and web design, including managing employee data, tracking trends, and improving corporate efficiency.
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